SNURCH EXCLUSIVE: It’s Official, Every Resident in Phoenix now Owns a Yoga Studio.

According to Arizona Corporation Commission records snurched by our crack team, 40 year old Phoenix resident, Gaia Myers, is officially the last person to start a Yoga Studio in the Valley of the Sun.

“I knew I wasn’t the first, but didn’t know I’d be last either.”, said Myers.

Nestled between a Chiropractor’s Office and a Chiropractor School in a mostly vacant strip mall in Tempe, Yoga Village Happy Warehouse will cater to middle-aged women looking to change their lives. According to Myers, Yoga Village Happy Warehouse, will offer these women an alternative to meat market fitness clubs and afternoon binge drinking thinly disguised as “playdates”. Myers plans to differentiate her studio by also offering a complete line of privately-labeled colon cleansing products and vitamins.

Myers, a retired real estate agent and life coach, will change the magnetic sign on the side of her Sienna once again. But this time she believes the sky is the limit. “I know I’m standing on the shoulders of giants, I mean, you know, being the last one, it’s like I’m standing on everybody’s shoulders, I guess, you know?”